Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last day

It has finally come, my graduation day. Tomorrow is the last day of college and I'm quite excited. Everything is done down to the last detail.

The day will proceed as follows: The day starts off with all of the schools pupils, walking to a cinema. There they will be handing out prizes and showing photos etc. etc.
 After that it's off to a castle where we'll eat whit our teachers and then we'll finally get to go home to start celebrating with our friends and family's.
 Last but not least it's of to a party.


  1. Congratulations pal and good luck in your next journey!

  2. Believe me, there will be more days like this :)!

  3. Well done man. I graduated in May and my graduation ceremony was excruciating.

  4. Same here mate, last day to school feels good!