Friday, June 10, 2011

Day after

Wow, yesterday sure was a great day. the whole thing started off with everyone gathering outside the school. Basically standing around drinking and waiting to start walking. At 10:15 everyone started walking towards the cinema were all the speeches and such where held. Two hours later we finally got out and went to buy some drinks. Two hours followed where we more or less just walked around and met up with some people from other schools. Finally it was time for the photography and dinner.
 Finally I ran out and met up with my family outside the castle where the dinner was held. Yet another dinner went by and I could finally go out and have some fun with my friends again. 

First off was the beach for some bbqing,  but everyone where feed up with food so it was mainly drinking going on. Our final destination for the night was a party at a friends house. Went around and gave sausages and some bread to random people and doesn't remember that lot.

A great f'ing day.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I tried not to drink too much on my graduation day because I knew I'd get nostalgic and cry or something.

  2. That sounds epic. Congratulations!